Work & Collaboration

2015/2016  Massifcentral  Glass Chandeliers

Working on their glass and fixtures toward assembling the products

2013/2014 Peter Kuchinke

Among but a few..

Installation for “Life Boats” Glass Eyes

Installation for Tue Greenford an Helmet Jellyfish “Periphylla”

Installation for John Körner

2012 Self Employment

2011 Glass Blowing Museum, Gernheim (D)

2011 Matteo Gonet, Basel (CH)

Installation for Jean-Michel Othoniel

2010 Carlos Calabria (ES)

Own Production and Batchmaking for a color range of technical pieces

2009 Peter Layton Glass, London (UK)

General Assistant for their work and during a collaboration for

Roman Tableware in the movie “Robin Hood”

2007 Contemporary Chandelier Company (UK)

assisting the hot glass making and understanding various color apllication techniques

2006/2007 Martin Andrews, Birmingham (UK)

Long term assisting and coldworking in all product series


Exibiting at various occasions private or public mainly

around Hamburg and Berlin for artfairs and alike

2012 -2017 Kunstwerk Werkkunst Hamburg

2011 – 2015 Sulzbacher Glaskunsttage (D)

2009 Kube Gallery, Poole (UK)

2008 Himley Hall, Midlands (UK)

2008 Glass Biennale at The Red House Glass Cone, Stourbridge (UK)

College & Workshops

2008/9  Bournemouth & Pool College glass making under  Rob Marshall.

Elaborating in the field of hot glass design and execution ranging from stemware to lampdesigns and complexer hot blown sculpturing

2008    Schafermeyer & Ckair Kelly, Segovia (ES)

Workshop Training in Murrini and Cane Making for pickups / rollups etc.

2007/8  IGC Intenational Glass Center (UK)

Full Program Education in all fields of Hot and Cold Glass manufacture and decoration

Training under Steven Foster